Sample quizzes for grade 11 math
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Discrete functions

ESSENTIAL SAMPLE: Arithmetic and geometric sequences More on arithmetic and geometric sequences Arithmetic series Geometric series Recursion formulas

Characteristics of functions

Relations vs functions Function evaluation Domain and range in general Domain of simple rational functions Domain of a square root function Range of a quadratic function Inverse of a function Multiplication and division of rational expressions Addition and subtraction of rational expressions

Quadratics and transformations

Completing the square Transformations of $y=x^2$ Translations of a general $f(x)$ Stretches and compressions of functions Combined transformations Zeros of quadratics Linear-quadratic systems

Exponential functions

In progress: integral and rational exponents In progress: exponential growth and decay In progress: graphing exponential functions In progress: transformations of exponential functions In progress: compound interest In progress: annuities

Trigonometric functions

In progress: trigonometric ratios In progress: trigonometry of obtuse triangles In progress: applications of trigonometry In progress: understanding angles In progress: special angles In progress: trigonometric identities In progress: trigonometric equations In progress: periodic functions In progress: sinusoidal functions and their transformations

Sample review

In progress