Sample quiz on addition and subtraction of polynomials
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  1. What are like terms?
    Terms with the same variables and exponents
    Terms with the same variables and coefficients
    Terms with the same exponents and coefficients
    Terms that are easily likeable
  2. Which of these is not a like terms with the others?
  3. Simplify the expression $2x^2-3x+x^2-9x$:
  4. Simplify the expression $-7ab+6c+8ab-13c+21$:
  5. Simplify the expression $a+b-a+2b^2$:
  6. Remove brackets from the expression $(x^2-2xy+12)-(2x-8y+10)$:
  7. Simplify $(2x^2-7xy-y^2)+(3x^2-3xy+y^2)$:
  8. Simplify $(-xy+abc-c^2)-(xy-2abc+4c^2)$:
  9. Simplify $(a^2+2b^2-3c^2)-(-a^2+2b^2+3c^2)$:
  10. Simplify $(x-y-z)+(z-y-x)$: