Sample quiz on the distributive property
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  1. The distributive property states that $a(b+c)=\cdots$?
  2. Which of the following equations is correct?
  3. The expansion of $2(x-23)$ is $\cdots$?
  4. Expand $3x(x-5)$
  5. Expand $-2z(3x+19)$
  6. Expand $-5x^2(-2x-7)$
  7. Find the area of a rectangle whose length is $(x+5)$ cm and whose width is $3x$ cm.
    $3x^2+15$ cm$^{2}$
    $6x^2+30x$ cm$^{2}$
    $3x^2+15x$ cm$^{2}$
    $3x^2+15x$ m$^{2}$.
  8. Find the area of a triangle whose base is $(5x+3)$ m and whose height is $4x$ m.
    $20x^2+12x$ cm$^{2}$
    $20x^2+12x$ m$^{2}$
    $10x^2+6x$ cm$^{2}$
    $10x^2+6x$ m$^{2}$
  9. Expand $-2xy(x^2-3xy-4y^2)$
  10. One face of a cube has an area of $(3x+8)$ cm$^{2}$. What is the total surface area of the cube?
    $3x+8$ cm$^{2}$
    $6x+16$ cm$^{2}$
    $18x+48$ cm$^{2}$
    $18x-48$ cm$^{2}$