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Sample Exam/Culminating Assignment


Maybe you've experienced this as a teacher (irrespective of your teaching subject).

You designed a home work or an assignment. You printed copies and distributed to your students. You gave them a day to submit the work. The day arrived. Then a particular student -- or some students -- didn't do the work. You asked why? In response, the student mentioned that (inadvertently) the work was misplaced (or lost). The student then asked for another copy of the exercise. You, the teacher, obliged and gave another copy of the exercise to the student. The incidence then repeats itself.

This is one of the excuses some students give for not doing the exercises assigned to them. From our personal perspective, not many classroom experiences frustrate as much as the above. In a bid to obviate this, we came up with this website -- our initial objective was to make all exercises available to our students outside the classroom (and school) environment. Our approach may have been a drastic one, but it was also made possible by our interest in web development. We then have to print our exercises ONCE and only ONCE. If the student misplaces (or loses) the copy of the exercise, it is then the student's responsibility to print new copies from our website.

It will follow that most of the exercises below reflect our teaching taste, and so may not appeal to a wide audience. In fact, they are patterned after the Ontario curriculum, and so their possible usefulness may be limited to this Canadian province. Also, we haven't provided solutions to them -- but we're working on this, including changing the format. In the meantime if you find any of these exercises useful, we'll be more than excited.

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