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How it began, what's behind it ...

The individual currently in charge of maintaining this site is a math graduate up to a level immediately beyond bachelors, a Euclidean geometry expositor, a content creator, a problem contributor for Crux Mathematicorum (an arm of the Canadian Mathematical Society), and (maybe) a future professor.

If you check out the home page of our old site, you may have noticed some elements of playfulness therein. Indeed, the origins of this website can be traced to some playful students we encountered in the course of teaching, whose playful propensity kind of rubbed off on us. Basically these students usually forgot to do their home works on the ground that the assigned works were misplaced unintentionally. Consequently we thought that putting up the home works on a website may obviate the inconvenience of printing the same assignments multiple times. Thus our website began with the initial objective of hosting home works so those our students can access them even if they misplaced the printed copy that was given to them in school.

Now we've moved on from playfulness to seriousness and business. And our interest is to guide our clients in their math journey from high school to university and through university.

  • The range of subjects we tutor is quite broad: the regular Ontario high school math, IB math, AP calculus, university-level calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and so on.
  • The rate of service is affordable.

Our rate of service is not only affordable but also negotiable. Outside of the regular Ontario high school math, the rate for the other subjects we tutor can be negotiated.

In tandem with teaching/tutoring, we also enjoy blogging about Euclidean/analytic geometry, usually twice every month. Some of our blog contents have been published in mathematical journals (an example is here) and the blog itself is a source of problems we occasionally propose for Crux Mathematicorum, as mentioned earlier.