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Conceptual problems

Imbibe the concepts: Tackle problems that are related to specific content areas, and thereby internalize the concepts.

Computer programs

Instruct the computer: Take your knowledge a step further by teaching the machine. This is an integral aspect of our approach.

Conventional proofs

Ignite your creativity: Think in an abstract manner. Learn to prove general math statements that are appropriate for the high school level.

1/5 problem solving planning stage
2/5 computer and math
3/5 computer and math
4/5 paper, pencil, and math textbook
5/5 problem solving planning stage

Do you want SOLUTIONS to our Selected Questions?

Smile and miles contain the same letters.
And, what's even better?
There's a transformation that relates the former to the latter.
So, why does this matter?
Because you'll meet it later.


You'll learn more about transformations in grades 10, 11, and 12 .
Actually, you've met this before in middle school.
When it appeared minuscule.
You're meeting it again in high school.
Because it's a useful tool.

Transformations aside.
You need a smile
Once in a while.
Lasting smile till the last mile.
Sincere smile without guile.
That's our style.