Sample quizzes for grade 10 math
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Linear systems

ESSENTIAL SAMPLE: Linear systems Elimination method Substitution method Consistent vs inconsistent systems Some word problems involving linear systems

Analytic geometry

Midpoint of a line segment Length of a line segment Equation (and length) of a median Equation of a right bisector Equation of an altitude Equation of a circle Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals

Properties of quadratic relations

Key features of a parabola Transformations of the parent quadratic $y=x^2$ Equation of a parabola in vertex form $\boxed{y=a(x-h)^2+k}$

Applications of quadratic relations

Expanding binomials Factoring quadratics Connecting factors and $x$-intercepts Real and non-real roots Completing the square Solving quadratic equations Simple word problems using quadratic equations


In progress: similar triangles In progress: applications of similar triangles In progress: right triangles, basic trigonometric ratios In progress: applications of right triangles In progress: oblique triangles, sine law In progress: oblique triangles, cosine law In progress: applications of oblique triangles

Sample review

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