Sample quizzes for grade 9 math
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Number sense

ESSENTIAL SAMPLE: Prime numbers et al Addition and subtraction of integers Multiplication and division of integers Basic exponents Percentages Ratios and proportions Rates


Basic terminologies in algebra Addition and subtraction of polynomials Multiplication and division of monomials The distributive property Solving simple linear equations Isolating variables from simple equations Solving linear equations with fractions Simple word problems involving linear equations

Linear relations

Data collection (definitions and deductions) Scatter plot (definitions and deductions) Line of best fit (definitions and deductions) Table of values Rate of change in linear relations Representing linear relations Direct variation Partial variation

Applications of linear relations

Linear vs non-linear relations Calculating slope Equations of lines Parallel vs perpendicular lines Some word problems In progress: equations and graphs In progress: graphing lines In progress: intersection of lines

Measurement and geometry

In progress: Pythagorean theorem In progress: prisms In progress: pyramids In progress: application of volume and surface area In progress: optimization involving surface area In progress: optimization involving volume

Sample review

In progress